BCL Grow: Fellowship — John 12:1-3

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John 12:1-3 (Church)

Bible Passage

Six days before the Passover, Jesus therefore came to Bethany, where Lazarus was, whom Jesus had raised from the dead. So they gave a dinner for him there. Martha served, and Lazarus was one of those reclining with him at table. Mary therefore took a pound of expensive ointment made from pure nard, and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. — John 12:1-3


"Take my life, and let it be consecrated Lord, to thee. Take my moments and my days; let them flow in ceaseless praise. Take my hands, and let them move at the impulse of thy love. Take my feet, and let them be swift and beautiful for thee. Take my voice, and let me sing, always, only, for my King. Take my lips and let them be filled with messages from thee….” — Frances R. Havergal, 1874, “Take My Life, and Let It Be,” Trinity Hymnal, Hymn 586.

3 Steps to Take

1. Reflect: Imagine a meal with the one who has resurrected you to life. You were once dead and your family in mourning. But now you can feast with the one who returned you to life! Christians have been raised like Lazarus from the dead and now commune with Jesus by his Holy Spirit. Our fellowship with him is even more intimate than eating a meal like Lazarus for his Spirit dwells in us. Yet, we too eat the Lord’s Supper, a meal that through faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit gives us a foretaste of the wedding feast and perfect communion we will have with Jesus in the new heavens and the new earth.

2. Ask yourself: In what ways are you like Lazarus, Martha, and Mary? How did each of them express their love for Jesus?

3. Remember: Jesus spent time with those he loved: Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. He is always near his people. Even when he seems far off, his Spirit dwells within every believer. Experience his presence as you draw near to Jesus in hearing his word, serving him, and worshiping him.

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