BCL Grow: Divine Simplicity — Exodus 3:14

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Exodus 3:14 (God)

Bible Passage

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel: I AM has sent me to you.” — Exodus 3:14


“The principal claim of divine simplicity is that God is not composed of parts. Whatever is composed of parts depends upon its parts in order to be as it is. . . . But God is absolute in being, alone the sufficient reason for Himself and all other things, and so cannot in any respect derive His being from another. Because God cannot depend on what is not God in order to be God, theologians traditionally insist that all that is in God is God.” — James Dolezal, All That is in God, pg. 40. 

3 Steps to Take

1. Ponder: What does it mean that God is simple, that he is not composed of parts? Consider how God is all love, all goodness, all mercy, all justice. Ponder his essence and how it means that he is all of his attributes perfectly all at once. How does this truth about God’s being bring comfort and peace to you?

2. Remember: It is not about what God has but what he is. The simplicity of God means he is independent of all things and creatures and is perfect in everything—he is perfect love, perfect mercy, perfect compassion, perfect light, perfect justice, and perfect life all at once. He alone is worthy of our praise and worship.

3. Rejoice: Take joy in God’s unsurpassable nature and the immensity of his glory. Rejoice that we are wonderfully made in his image and that he has condescended to mercifully love and redeem fallen humans by giving his own Son Christ Jesus to reconcile us to himself so that we may have loving fellowship with him and with each other forever.

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