BCL Grow: Holiness — Matthew 6:9

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Matthew 6:9 (Sanctification)

Bible Passage

“Pray then like this:
Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.” — Matthew 6:9


Q. What does the first petition [of the Lord’s prayer] mean? 

A. “Hallowed be your name” means: Help us to truly know you, to honor, glorify, and praise you for all your works and for all that shines forth from them: your almighty power, wisdom, kindness, justice mercy, and truth. And it means, Help us to direct all our living—what we think, say, and do—so that your name will never be blasphemed because of us but always honored and praised. — Heidelberg Catechism, Q. 122.

3 Steps to Take

1. Ponder: What does it mean when we pray for God’s name to be hallowed, kept holy? 

2. Remember: God’s name is holy—we cannot add to God’s holiness. Yet, what we think, say, and do may obscure the holiness of God’s good and perfect name. As Jesus teaches us that good works done in the sight of others glorify God (Matt. 5:16), so all of our living ought to be aimed at glorifying God and honoring his holy name. 

3. Rejoice: We have a savior, Christ Jesus, who sanctifies us and enables us to die more and more to sin and to live more and more to righteousness. Rejoice that Christ strengthens us by his Word and Spirit so that God’s name will be honored and praised. 

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