BCL Grow: The Father's Love — John 16:27

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John 16:27 (Adoption)

Bible Passage

“…for the Father himself loves you, because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God.” — John 16:27


“…[God] loves believers with a special love, since He contemplates them as His spiritual children in Christ. It is to them that He communicates Himself in the fullest and richest sense, with all the fulness of his grace and mercy.” — Louis Berkhof, Systematic Theology (1996 ed.), p. 71.

3 Steps to Take

Ponder: The love of the Father for the Son is for every believer. The Father who knows the Son intimately and loves him deeply and eternally, also knows you intimately and loves you deeply. How does this make you feel?

Remember: Our feelings don’t always stack up with reality. There may be times when you feel God’s love greatly and other times when this reality is a struggle. Remember to rely on God’s promises and not your feelings. Look daily for ways God is loving you, and especially think of how Christ lived, died, and rose from the grave for your salvation. This is constant tangible and objective proof of God’s love for you.

Rejoice: We all want to be loved deeply. Rejoice that you have a Father who loves you and will always love you. He knows your darkest stains and still loves you. Rest secure in your hope in the finished work of Christ on your behalf.

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