BCL Grow: The Power of God — Exodus 9:16

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Exodus 9:16 (God)

Bible Passage

But for this purpose I have raised you up, to show you my power, so that my name may be proclaimed in all the earth. — Exodus 9:16


“While it was to the great advantage of Israel to be delivered from political and economic oppression, the primary purpose involved was the display of the power and grace of God. All the details of the account emphasize the divine strength for bringing it about. Jahweh’s might is displayed in the accumulation of miracles, in the judgment of the plagues, in the dividing of waters, in the destruction of Pharaoh and his army, and in the preservation of Israel in the wilderness. ” — Derke P. Bergsma, Redemption: the Triumph of God’s Great Plan, p. 76.

Steps to Take

1. Ponder: Consider the power of Almighty God that was displayed in the deliverance of his people from their bondage in Egypt. What does it mean that no one is more powerful than God?

2. Remember: God will keep his promises and accomplish his will—no matter what. No one can resist his will. Even when everything may appear dire, God is at work to accomplish his good and perfect purpose to make his name known in all the earth.

3. Rejoice: Every believer can rejoice that God is steady and unchangeable. Cling to your good and great Savior, for true and everlasting joy is found in him alone.

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