BCL Grow: Turning to God — 1 John 1:8

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1 John 1:8 (Repentance)

Bible Passage

If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and tthe truth is not in us. — 1 John 1:8


“No repentance without Christ. The nature of repentance plainly teaches this. It is a cordial turning from sin to God: but is it possible to turn to God but through Christ?” — Thomas Boston, Repentance, Turning from Sin to God: What It Means and Why it’s Necessary, p. 45.

Steps to Take

1. Reflect: How do you understand your Christian walk? Do you believe Christians can attain perfection in this life? How do you deal with your sin?

2. Consider: While Christians live in these mortal bodies, they will continue to struggle with sin and are called to fight against it. No Christian is perfectly holy in this life. Believers battle with sin only through the power of the Holy Spirit and in reliance upon Christ. The Christian walk is not about making yourself into a better person by your own power. We must depend upon Christ.

3. Rejoice: Because we sin every day, we must turn again to God and his ways every day. Repentance then is a daily exercise that we should expect, not a once in a lifetime action at conversion. Be encouraged that God is making you more like himself as he reveals to you your sin and helps you to turn to him.

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