BCL Grow: The Price of Life — Psalm 49:5-7

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Psalm 49:5-7 (Redemption)

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Bible Passage

 Why should I fear in times of trouble,
when the iniquity of those who cheat me surrounds me,
those who trust in their wealth
and boast of the abundance of their riches?
Truly no man can ransom another,
or give to God the price of his life. — Psalm 49:5-7


"Psalm 49 deals with the illusion of wealth and shows that wealth does not have the power to redeem because only God has the power to redeem. Christ would have affirmed the teaching of Psalm 49 and could have used it in the face of the temptation to envy the wealthy or to trust in riches.” — Richard P. Belcher, Jr., The Messiah and the Psalms: Preaching Christ from all the Psalms, p. 199.

Steps to Take

1. Reflect: How do wealth and riches tempt you? Do you trust in worldly goods, or do you trust in God?

2. Remember: Psalm 49 is a wisdom Psalm that presents a riddle—why should we fear in times of trouble when the iniquity of those who cheat us surrounds us? God answers by reminding us that though a person may trust and boast in wealth, riches, possessions, and honor, the grave becomes their eternal home. Death rules over them. Their wealth cannot ransom them from the grave. But God can. Only God can pay the price of redemption, the price paid by Christ Jesus to redeem all those who trust in him alone. God did not spare his own Son but gave him up to ransom his people from the grave.

3. Respond: Do not trust your life to wealth and riches. Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead (Rom. 10:9). Trust your life to Christ Jesus and live a life of gratitude, for you are not your own—you have been bought with a price.