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Can You Hear the Loud Cries of Jesus?

The loudest known sound on earth was the explosion of Krakatoa, an island of Indonesia, on August 27, 1883. It threw up waves forty meters high, and the blast was heard at least 4,800 kilometers away. Jesus’ cries may not at the time have been heard across the globe, but they have been heard through the ages. Why does Hebrews 5 tell us about the powerful cries of Jesus?

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How to Keep "Short Accounts" When Confessing Sin

When I lived on St. Simons Island at the age of 12, my dad and mom could walk into a store, write our name on a ledger, and walk out with just about whatever we wanted. I remember my parents talking about needing to pay off their account at the hardware store every month. The owners and my parents both wanted to keep “short accounts.” Here are seven things we can do to keep short accounts when confessing sin.

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There but for the Grace of God Go I

I lived most of my adult years as a non-believer. I was ambivalent about the abortion issue, but if pressed, I would have sided with those who see it as a “choice” issue. On this side of salvation, however, it is impossible not to see the horrible consequences of abortion on society, mothers and fathers who make that choice, and most certainly the unborn.

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