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You’ve Been Invited to a [Fill in the Blank]: Should You Go?

As the culture descends further into post-Christianity, many of us are probably finding ourselves in a circumstance where we’re being invited to attend same-sex weddings, the ordination of persons who are not biblically qualified for office, a cultic/pagan/non-Christian ritual, or some other event that is equally problematic. How should we respond?

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Suspended Between Heaven and Earth—Fly Fishing on the Madison River

As someone once said, “Every day is a fishing day, but not every day is a catching day!” When I was a little girl, my father would load up my brothers and me in a rented RV and take us up the 395 Highway for a week of lake fishing in the high Sierra. Getting the chance as an adult to go fly fishing on the Madison River was a dream come true.

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