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“Give Me neither Poverty nor Plenty”: 7 Things the Book of Proverbs Teaches Us about Money

My grandma lived her girlhood through the Great Depression. Her family had no car or cart, and they traveled by foot or bus. Her mother had to sell her beloved piano to buy food: “We ate the piano,” Grandma would sometimes say. For many of us today, life is far different. Here are seven things the book of Proverbs teaches us about poverty and wealth, riches and want.

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Church Membership—Like a Marriage

Christians can treat their church membership like a health club. When the church does not meet their expectations, they start looking for the door with a product consumer’s mentality. The membership is all about receiving benefits and service. Here’s why our attitude towards church membership should be closer to what we find in a marriage relationship.

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You’ve Been Invited to a [Fill in the Blank]: Should You Go?

As the culture descends further into post-Christianity, many of us are probably finding ourselves in a circumstance where we’re being invited to attend same-sex weddings, the ordination of persons who are not biblically qualified for office, a cultic/pagan/non-Christian ritual, or some other event that is equally problematic. How should we respond?

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