All Sins Are Not Alike: Sexual Immorality, Chastity, and Wisdom

Image by  Kinga Konopka

Image by Kinga Konopka

In the nature of things after the fall, it is possible for godly, regenerate men and women to be enticed (or to entice one another) into sin. We must not fall into the trap of perfectionism when it comes to sexual temptation and sin. We should not think that when one is given new life and true faith that one no longer suffers from sexual temptation.

In previous eras we recognized this reality. Those who have been born in the wake of the second sexual revolution (post 1967) have had their moral compasses recalibrated and thus may not be able to tell north from south without deliberately re-calibrating. Because of the sexual revolution, we hardly know what chastity is any more.

In some circles it has become axiomatic that sexual sins are no worse and no different from any other sins. This is only half true. Read more...

R. Scott Clark is professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary California (Escondido, California) and the author of Recovering the Reformed Confession (P&R, 2008).

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