BCL Favorite Life-Hack Products September 2018

Life can get busy. Whether you’re fulfilling your role as parent, spouse, friend, employee, boss, entrepreneur, or all of the above, we all could use saving a little time. Affectionately termed by the Internet as “life hacks” these products are some of our favorite ways to make everyday moments go a little easier.

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1. Never forget your locker combination again with the Wordlock PL-096-Ax Sports Lock.

Instead of wasting time wrestling with your lock at the gym or at school, give your brain a break by using this genius word-based locker. Just pick any four-letter word and you’re good to go! (Yes, using the word LOCK might be a little too easy). $8.99 at Amazon.

2. Don’t lose your keys either with the KeyCatch Magnetic Key Holder

Are you striving for a minimalist lifestyle and looking for a way to always find your keys? These magnetic key holders screw right into your light panel and hold items weighing up to 3 lbs. Pack of 3 for $11.99 at Amazon.

3. Stop spending time unclogging the shower drainuse the TubShroom instead!

Who has time to dig out hair from the shower drain? No one. The TubShroom fits all standard drains and is guaranteed to catch every hair, every time. $12.99 at Amazon.

4. Save time, money, and the environment with Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls.

Pop a few of these naturally fabric softening wool balls into the dryer and cut your drying time by 25%. This environmentally-friendly alternative to dryer sheets will make laundry faster and your electricity bill lower. Win-win. $16.95 at Amazon.

5. Skip the sweeping by wearing these Kamlif Dust Mop Slippers.

Clean your floors just by walking around the house in these microfiber cleaning mop slippers that go over regular shoes or your bare feet. They’re one-size-fits-all so pop a pair on everyone in the household and your house will be spic and span in no time. $8.99 at Amazon.

6. Cut down on closet clutter when you use Shoe Slots.

Starting your day by digging around in your closet for shoes is not a recipe for success. Shoe Slots double your storage space while ensuring that each shoe has a spot of its own and they’re easy to find. Set of 5 for $17.99 at Amazon.

7.  Pampered Chef Nylon Pan Scrapers will save you elbow grease and kitchen clean-up time.

Sayonara soapy sponge! When you need to get pans clean quickly, these Pampered Chef pan scrapers safely scrape any cookware surface without scratching, including stainless steel, non-stick cookware, and glass. With three in a set, you can also place one in your car for scraping ice of your windshield. Set of 3 for $8 at Amazon.

8. Double-duty Garment Groom cleans and freshens at the same time.

When you’re on the go, who has both stain remover and fabric freshener on hand? Lucky for you, this white grapefruit scented garment groomer from Murchison-Hume is a two-in-one fabric saver that removes stains and also makes upholstery smell fresh and clean. $15 at Amazon.

9. Using Etekcity WiFi Smart Plugs means you never have to worry about leaving the hair curler plugged in.

If you’ve got a lot on your plate, it’s easy for some small details to fall through the cracks. Alleviate your nagging worries that you left your hair curler plugged in or lamp on with these smart plugs that can be  turned on and off from your smartphone. 2 for $19.98 at Amazon.

10. Stop throwing out produce when you use Vegibags.

Your recipe calls for cilantro, but it’s gone slimy—again. Vegibags organic cotton vegetable preservation bags will not only double your produce’s fridge life but also save you from making unnecessary trips to the grocery store. $18.99 at Amazon.

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This page may contain affiliate links through which Beautiful Christian Life may receive a commission to help cover its operating costs.