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7 Parenting Errors That Can Influence Adult Children to Leave the Faith

Despite bedtime prayers, careful church attendance, family Bible reading, and a firm commitment to living out the faith, neither of our two adult children is currently following Christ. I hope to see others avoid such an outcome. In that light, here are seven parenting errors that can influence adult children to leave the faith.

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It's Chemistry! Practical Advice for Protecting Your Marriage from an Affair

We hear stories of pastors having extramarital affairs, and we wonder how that could happen. Of course he knew better—he is a pastor! Well, most of the time, it’s likely that sexual chemistry ignited the fuse. Here is some practical advice for protecting your marriage—and the marriages of others—from an affair.

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Are Christians Redefining Sin in the Name of Love?

Many people search Scripture in an attempt to prove that certain beliefs they want to hold—or certain actions they want to keep doing—are okay in God’s sight. Behaviors Christians previously and universally viewed as sinful according to the Bible are now increasingly tolerated, accepted, and even celebrated. Are some Christians redefining sin in the name of love?

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