Is a Capsule Wardrobe Right for You?

Image credit:  @therachelherron

Image credit: @therachelherron

A capsule closet is a curated wardrobe built around a few foundational clothing items, designed so that each piece is multifunctional and can be worn with any other item. It’s a growing trend amongst minimalists and non-minimalists alike, but is it right for you? Before you donate your entire closet to Goodwill and start from scratch, ask yourself these questions.

1. Are there pieces of clothing I haven’t worn in a year?

Image credit:  @colorsofspring

Image credit: @colorsofspring

If so, it might be time to pare down the pantsuits in your closet. Here’s a helpful hack: turn all your hangers to face the same direction in your closet. When you wear and return a piece, flip the hanger so that it faces the opposite direction.  After six months, clear out all the items you didn’t wear (hangers not turned) and put them in a bag to donate.

2. Do I get frustrated trying to find an outfit to wear?

Rummaging around in your closet and coming up empty-handed is not the best way to begin the day. If you consistently find getting dressed to be more of a chore than a joy, one of the reasons could be that you can’t find pieces that work well together. A capsule closet filled with pieces that you love and that love each other could help reduce your stress getting out the door.

3. When I buy something new, do I return home to find it doesn’t match anything in my closet?

Image credit:  @cladwellapp

Image credit: @cladwellapp

You just found the perfect blazer or skirt. It fits like a glove, and even better—it was on sale for fifty percent off. When you get home to show your piece its new home, you realize that it clashes with all your tops and bottoms. How did you let this happen—again? A capsule closet designed around a few base colors with two or three coordinating accent colors ensures that you always match.

4. Do I feel comfortable with the way I look in most of my clothes?

This was an unexpected benefit for me after creating a capsule closet. I was able to let go of those dresses that never lay quite right and that pair of jeans I couldn’t fit into anymore. Whenever I put on a piece of clothing now, I know it will fit well and make me feel great wearing it. Instead of feeling self-conscious throughout the day, I feel confident and comfortable.

Not everyone needs or wants a capsule closet. Your closet might be just right. If you are interested in creating a capsule closet, keep in mind that there are dozens of ways to curate your clothes so that they fit your needs and lifestyle. In fact, that’s half the fun! Creating a capsule closet isn’t about forcing restrictions on your wardrobe. It’s about discovering what pieces you love while building a thoughtful wardrobe based on your unique look. 

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