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BCL Grow Weekday Devotional Sample

Winter, spring, summer, fall—it’s always the right season to grow in your faith! Learn important truths from God’s word in only 1-2 minutes a day by subscribing to Beautiful Christian Life’s free weekday devotional “BCL Grow.” Check out a sample devotional and sign up by clicking on this post.

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When Telling Christians to "Step Up" Falls Short

It would be foolish to tell a toddler, “You just need to walk better and you won’t fall!” They are completely incapable of physically making their legs work more efficiently. When church leaders call for Christians to “step up,” they need to be able to precisely define that idea and recognize that they are responsible for providing the training and equipping believers need.

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Successfully Read Through the Bible in 2018—Discover How a Bible Reading Plan Can Work for You!

How many times have you started off the new year with the resolution to read through the Bible in one year? Suddenly, a week has gone by and you have already gotten sidetracked. Before January is over, your dream has been crushed. Make 2018 the year you reach your goal with these two easy Bible reading plans.

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