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Depression and the Need for Community: 6 Practical Ways to Help

Depression hides itself behind circumstances and experiences. It can mask itself as anger or stress or grief. It remains in the shadows until it's become such a part of us, we don't remember when we didn't feel that way. Here are six practical ways the church community can carry those with depression through the darkness until the sun shines again.

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The Absurd Way to Build Real Community

How often do you “like” someone’s Facebook post because you don’t want to be the friend who didn’t like it? Would Jesus do that? We want communities and relationships that are healthy, joyful, full of peace and love, and most of all real. Here's why the Bible's view of service—which seems absurd to worldly thinking—is the best way to build community and strengthen relationships.

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8,000+ Pounds of Treats for the Troops: Dr. Chan's Annual Halloween Candy Buyback

Beautiful Christian Life recently had the opportunity to connect with San Diego dentist Curtis Chan and his wife Mae regarding their nine-year participation in the annual Halloween Candy Buyback event. Last year they delivered 8000+ pounds of candy to Operation Gratitude, a non-profit organization that sends over 200,000 care packages each year to U.S. troops stationed overseas.

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