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7 Parenting Errors That Can Influence Adult Children to Leave the Faith

Despite bedtime prayers, careful church attendance, family Bible reading, and a firm commitment to living out the faith, neither of our two adult children is currently following Christ. I hope to see others avoid such an outcome. In that light, here are seven parenting errors that can influence adult children to leave the faith.

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3 Reasons to Be Excited Right Now about Jesus' Second Coming

Christians can be hesitant to focus on Jesus’ second coming for a variety of reasons, including the pressing cares of this life, a knee-jerk reaction to false prophecies about the date of Christ’s return, and an unfamiliarity about what Scripture says on the subject. Here are three reasons to be excited right now about the second coming of Jesus.

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When Telling Christians to "Step Up" Falls Short

It would be foolish to tell a toddler, “You just need to walk better and you won’t fall!” They are completely incapable of physically making their legs work more efficiently. When church leaders call for Christians to “step up,” they need to be able to precisely define that idea and recognize that they are responsible for providing the training and equipping believers need.

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