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Want Abundant Life? It Only Grows on the Solid Rock—the Third Day of Creation

So many of us are unhappy because we don’t know why we exist. God pours out love-gifts of sun and breath, food and family, and we don’t see him. We are dying, and we don’t want our lives to end. We don’t know where we are going, nor how to get there. Yet, even in the most vicious trials of this life, we can find joy.

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God Can Handle Chaos—Including Yours

Whatever we might think about God’s formless, empty, lifeless, black, and watery creation in Genesis 1:1-2, the Spirit of God loved it and sustained and upheld it. Right now you may feel confused. Empty. Lifeless. Dark. Chaotic. Whoever you are, and whatever the depths and agony of your trials, God is hovering over you: he loves you, he is near to you, and he can rescue you.

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You Are Very Important—the Sixth Day of Creation

Human beings in the West are very confused. On the one hand, we sense that we are important and significant. Life means something. We have purpose—a high purpose. We are destined for great things. On the other hand, we tell ourselves, incessantly, that we are meaningless and insignificant. In Genesis 1:24-26, you will find three reasons why you are important.

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