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Where Did Our Love for One Another Go?

Whether it has to do with politics, religion, or pop culture, the most common mode of communication nowadays seems to be hatred, and we see lots of biting and devouring even among fellow believers. As Christians interact with one another in the midst of a hostile world, they must remember the posture of our Lord when he was in the midst of being crucified.

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Can You Hear the Loud Cries of Jesus?

The loudest known sound on earth was the explosion of Krakatoa, an island of Indonesia, on August 27, 1883. It threw up waves forty meters high, and the blast was heard at least 4,800 kilometers away. Jesus’ cries may not at the time have been heard across the globe, but they have been heard through the ages. Why does Hebrews 5 tell us about the powerful cries of Jesus?

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