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"A City Is No Place for a Tree": Why Your City-Soul Ultimately Longs for God

No tree thrives in an urban environment. No tree is at home in the middle of an utterly human landscape. At best a tree can hope to survive. A select few defy the odds and reveal to us bittersweet glimpses of their true nobility. They are the exception, not the norm. A city is no place for a tree. And here's why your city-soul ultimately longs for God.

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Drawing the Line Between the Outdoors and Idolatry

When my wife and I were engaged, I made it abundantly clear to her that nothing was going to come between me and my “heritage” of hunting and fishing. I was a total ungodly jerk. When we purposely trade God’s will for the desires of our flesh, we are essentially worshipping an idol. Which one? Us. Here are three steps you can take to get rid of the idols in your life.

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