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7 Parenting Errors That Can Influence Adult Children to Leave the Faith

Despite bedtime prayers, careful church attendance, family Bible reading, and a firm commitment to living out the faith, neither of our two adult children is currently following Christ. I hope to see others avoid such an outcome. In that light, here are seven parenting errors that can influence adult children to leave the faith.

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Biblical Fathering: On Being Firm

Some dads try to be disciplinarians and end up being harsh. Other dads try to be loving and end up being permissive. In Ephesians 6:4, the apostle Paul instructs fathers on the need to be firm in a measured and biblical way. Here is some practical advice on how dads can lovingly bring up their children "in the discipline and instruction of the Lord."

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Biblical Fathering: On Being Flexible

The father of old was to hold himself above outward displays of emotion, especially where the kids were concerned, and was to be above question regarding his decisions as well. Yet, a biblical dad needs to be flexible by being willing to show how he feels and also willing to admit mistakes when he is wrong. Here is some practical advice for fathers as they seek to fulfill God’s mandate amid the realities of daily family life.

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