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You’ve Been Invited to a [Fill in the Blank]: Should You Go?

As the culture descends further into post-Christianity, many of us are probably finding ourselves in a circumstance where we’re being invited to attend same-sex weddings, the ordination of persons who are not biblically qualified for office, a cultic/pagan/non-Christian ritual, or some other event that is equally problematic. How should we respond?

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The Struggle to Uphold the Biblical View of Marriage in Australia

With last week's passage of an amendment to redefine marriage in Australia in favor of same-sex couples, the country's pastors are now faced with the decision of whether to resign their status as authorised celebrants of the novel Marriage Act. Tasmanian pastor Campbell Markham mailed the following letter to Australia's Attorney General on the same day the Governor General signed into law the country's redefinition of marriage.

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