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How to Participate in, Contribute to, and Receive from Meaningful Fellowship

In order to create meaningful fellowship, we must be obedient to Jesus’ command to give of ourselves for the good of one another (John 15:12-13). Here are some ways to participate in, contribute to, and receive from meaningful fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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How Does Transformation Happen in the Christian Life?

About a year ago, I began to realize that my 32-year-old body no longer had the 20-year-old energy and motivation it did before. And just like I let my weight slip, I had let my relationship with Jesus deteriorate. No excuses—just neglect. How does the transformation that Paul is talking about in Romans 12:1-2 actually happen?

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What in the World Does God's Grace Have to Do with Your Suffering?

Facing a trial right now? Check. Had someone share with you a Christian cliché such as “God never gives you more than you can handle”? Check. Wish you could connect with a Christian counselor who knows his Bible and has wisdom and life experience from which to draw, all the while giving you solid answers and real hope? Check. Well, now you can with David Powlison’s new book, God’s Grace in Your Suffering.

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