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“American Gospel: Christ Alone” Film Exposes False Teachings of the Prosperity Gospel Movement

For many American and global Christians, the “prosperity gospel” is all they know of Christianity. “American Gospel: Christ Alone” exposes these false teachings, the tricks so-called “faith healers” use, and just how extravagantly they live. Click on this post to learn more about this important film.

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Is God the Background for Your Selfie?

In 1985 I saw a crowd taking photos of the Mona Lisa with their 35mm cameras. In 2018 I noticed a big change. The crowd was taking photos of themselves in front of the Mona Lisa with their backs to Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece. Admire the selfie-artiste, who is gorgeous and cultured. Jesus exposes, challenges, and disintegrates this selfishness with the first petition of the Lord’s Prayer.

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