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Do You Forget to Thank God When You Pray?

I’m quick to take my needs to Christ in prayer but almost as equally quick to forget to thank him for the blessings in my life. It shouldn’t take a health scare or an avoided accident to awaken me from my stupor to recognize God’s providential care every moment of my life. Here’s why our hearts should overflow with thanksgiving any time we bow our heads in prayer.

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How to Keep "Short Accounts" When Confessing Sin

When I lived on St. Simons Island at the age of 12, my dad and mom could walk into a store, write our name on a ledger, and walk out with just about whatever we wanted. I remember my parents talking about needing to pay off their account at the hardware store every month. The owners and my parents both wanted to keep “short accounts.” Here are seven things we can do to keep short accounts when confessing sin.

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The Album Confessions—an Interview with Artist Haley Montgomery

Have you tried to reach out to God but ended up feeling like you’re never good enough? Have you been hurt by the church in some way? You’re not alone. Artist Haley Montgomery discusses her album “Confessions,” and her journey of discovering how she was being pursued, found, and kept secure in her heavenly Father’s loving embrace.

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